RSOG Learning Outlook

By bringing together experts from government, academia, industry, and civil society organisations, we design, develop, and deliver programmes that address key contemporary issues in public service delivery, policy studies and leadership.

Listed below is a glimpse of a few programmes already developed / currently under development:

RSOG holds the principle that leaders must be equipped with the right values and knowledge to drive their organisation towards a desired change. Through Values Driven Governance programme, we aim to provide leaders with a platform to promote good leadership values and to provide knowledge and skills for implementing good governance. Ultimately, this will result in an organisation committed to accountability, transparency, and responsiveness.

Culturally aware leaders are at an advantage in an increasingly diverse world. It is only through understanding how culture impacts people that leaders can build deeper connections and foster diversity in their organisation. Through the Cultural Diplomacy Upskilling programme, RSOG provides a platform for leaders to better understand culture and apply its noble principles in their organisation.

Malaysia, like many of her neighbors in the Southeast Asian region, is a treasure trove of local and regional wisdoms developed over millennia, uniquely forged through a convergence of peoples, cultures, and belief systems. This wisdom reflects the values with which the wisest of our leaders have served their people through complex challenges both before and after independence. RSOG recognises the importance of public sector leadership that is self-aware and geo-culturally relevant, who lead value-driven teams that truly care and that sustainably deliver quality public service to the people. This new module will serve as an exploratory toolkit with which public sector leaders empower themselves to navigate the complex challenges of building, transforming, and nurturing communities through understanding and leveraging the intricacies the history, culture, and people of this nation and the region. Watch this space for updates!

Every nation’s core is its public service. This institution ensures the smooth functioning of government and the delivery of essential services to its citizens. In Malaysia, public servants work diligently to maintain law and order, provide healthcare, education, and many other services to ensure a harmonious and progressive nation. With this in mind, RSOG’s Public Service Motivation programme is aimed at supporting the well-being of the public service in ensuring all services continue to be delivered efficiently and effectively across Malaysia.