Our Senior Leadership Programmes

Programmes designed and developed by RSOG are not only centred on theories and knowledge but goes far beyond – geared towards building resilience, being innovative, rationalising things before planning and the agility to navigate through complex situations. We firmly believe the importance of leaders possessing good values to carry out their duties more effectively and sincerely. Effective leaders should have a purpose, belief, leadership style and management approach driven by values.


Executive Education

RSOG Executive Education Programmes are tailored for public sector senior leaders in providing them with the optimal innovative tools and skills. Thus, enabling them to seamlessly adapt to changing conditions and lead in an agile environment. Each programme is designed based on priority areas and focus, offering a global outlook customised to address and enhance innovative policymaking and overall good governance.

Premier Programme

Advanced Programme

The Premier Programme is an exclusive executive development programme aimed for senior leaders at JUSA A & B or C-Suite equivalent. The programmes are aimed to prepare them to excel in the most visible leadership role within the areas of authentic and transformational leadership.
The advanced programme is targeted for senior leaders (Grade 54 to JUSA C or Head of Department / Senior Manager and above), focusing on strategic aspects of leading change, high-performance and leadership presence.
Tentative Programmes (2024)
  • Leadership Presence & Influence, 7-10 May 2024, Johor Bahru
  • Authentic Leadership: Purpose & Values Driven,
  • 13-16 August 2024, Melaka
  • The Leader In You, 3-6 September 2024, Kota Kinabalu
  • Programme for Advanced Leadership Management : RSOG Premier Flagship Programme – In Collaboration with (MILE), 17 February – 1 March 2024 Madinah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Completed)
Tentative Programmes (2024)
  • The Challenges of Leadership 11-13 June 2024, Penang
  • Leading Change in A Complex World
    15-18 July 2024, Port Dickson
  • Leadership In Action
    24-27 Sept 2024, Melaka
  • Leading Into The Future
    7-10 October 2024, Kuantan

  • Translating Vision Into Reality: The Role Of The Sejahtera Leader
    Q4, 2024, Indonesia